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About Us

Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, we are rescue operation involved in rehabilitating Thoroughbred racehorses which have been injured, can no longer race, or do not have the will to race at the track. Many are well and sound enough to be placed and retrained for another occupation. Our goal is to adopt these horses into loving and forever homes to avoid their fate at an auction or slaughterhouse. We also offer the option of a full retirement facility for those owners who do not wish for their horses to be rehomed but have a place to live out the life that they deserve.

A Message from Founding Director, Vicki L. Vilchek:

I've always loved horses from the day I learned to speak, maybe beforehand. They have always been an extremely important part of my life, and many times, I think they saved me just as much as I saved them. I'm asking you to join in assisting me to make my lifelong dream blossom into something much bigger than what it's starting out to be. Partnering with my husband, Joe, and my assistant "trainer/daughter" Gaby, I have created not only a safe haven for these animals, but something that is mutually beneficial to all involved.

The Thoroughbred Connection is here to stand in the gap for many deserving athletes that have given their all when asked in their performances at the racetrack and aid them in their transitioning from hard work to a life of a new discipline or total retirement.

So far, since our beginning in June, 2011, we, in that month alone, have taken in 39 horses, several have found new homes, several have retired, and 3 more are seeking permanent adoptive homes.

It can cost from $150 to $225 a month just to support a horse with grain, hay and bedding. This does not include farrier and veterinary care. We have turned away some horses due to lack of stall space or funding to keep them maintained. We generally operate with horses that are owner surrendered. Many still are racing sound, but due to owners being responsible, they decide to stop pushing them until they are unusable and let someone enjoy them while they are young. All are sound and ready to retrain. Funding is what is holding back the organization to flourish and be able to help more horses to avoid them becoming unwanted and ending up at a slaughterhouse.

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