HORSE TO BE SPONSORED: _________________________

NAME OF SPONSOR: _______________________________

MONTHLY SPONSOR AMOUNT: ________________________

        I, ______________________, do hereby wish to sponsor (horse), ______________________, an Off Track Thoroughbred residing at The Thoroughbred Connection for the amount of _________ per month.

        My donation of sponsorship is tax deductible as The Thoroughbred Connection is a 501c3 organization.

        Made this ________ day of _____________, 20___, by and between The Thoroughbred Connection, Inc. (facility) and ______________________________, sponsor.

Thank you,             

/s/ Vicki L. Vilchek
The Thoroughbred Connection/President                                  ________________________________ 

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                                                                                              Sponsor Address

Checks should be made payable to The Thoroughbred Connection and forwarded to 562 Palmer-Adah Road, Adah, PA  15410 or may be made through our paypal address – giveforthehorses@gmail.com.
The following horses require sponsorship: (Please note Run Smart One and Johnny Love Note have their own paypal accounts!!!)

Grafton (aggression)      Chill Out (cancer)             Run Smart One (chips)          Johnny Love Note (broken                                                                                                                                                                   sesamoid)                                                                                              runsmartone@gmail.com         johnnylovenote@gmail.com

Default Judgment            Slider (behavioral)           Saintly Zealous                  Lucky Date (broken fetlock & 2  (detached tendons)                                                            (cellulitis/abscesses)                      blown stifles)

Plasma Beam – extensive injuries – closed ankle fracture and chips, foundered

Senita Lane (rescue to rescue transfer to retirement – Senita was overbred (17 foals) and dumped to die in a kill pen)                                                                                                                                       
Rural King or Tractor Supply gift cards are great also!!! Oats, Alfalfa Cubes, Beet Pulp, Salt Blocks, Protein Tubs, 12% Sweet Feed, Square Bales, Round Bales, Wormer (no Quest please), Over the Fence Feeders, 12% Sweet Feed, Senior Feed, Strategy, Cotton Lead Lines with Chains, Water Tubs and Feed Troughs are also needed. See our Wish List!!!

When using our paypal account be sure to select the gift/friends/family option so that no fees are incurred to either party!  Thank you for your support!! (724)570-3169.